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Last Updated Feb 16, 2024

By Ted

Are you the type of person who wants the whole enchilada? Experiencing massage bliss on a daily basis does require an upfront investment. Massage chairs are like cars. The higher up the ladder you go the more comfortable and unforgettable the experience. Choosing the best massage chair under $3000 can easily become laborious. Allow my guide below lead you to the right chair in minutes instead of days. I did the research so you don’t have to. Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating massage chairs in every price range to get a feel for what features to expect.

In this guide, I share the undisputed top 5 chairs under $3000, individual reviews of each chair, specs to consider, tips, and the pros & cons of owning each. My lists of pros & cons are especially important to consider because they contain information according to owner reports. This way, you get a clear idea of what to expect from each chair. You may find that some features you can’t live without while others are unnecessary. Let’s begin with a chart that lists the key specs of each chair.

Product Description
#1) Osaki Titan Prime 3D

Osaki Titan Prime 3D
  • #1 Best Massage Chair Under 3000
  • 3D Massage: Yes
  • Space Saving: Yes
  • Model: Titan Prime 3D
  • Dimensions: 54.1″ x 28.7″ x 43.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 260 lbs / 6’4″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Parts & Labor
  • Price: $$
#2) Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300
  • 3D Massage: No
  • Space Saving: Yes
  • Model: SM-7300
  • Dimensions: 48″ x 28″ x 47″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 320 lbs / 6’5″
  • Warranty: 2-Year Parts & Labor
  • Price: $$
#3) Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800S

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800S
  • 3D Massage: No
  • Space Saving: Yes
  • Model: LM-6800S
  • Dimensions: 52″ x 31″ x 48″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 220 lbs / 6’2″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Parts & Labor
  • Price: $
#4) Real Relax Massage Chair PS6000

Real Relax Massage Chair PS6000
  • 3D Massage: Yes
  • Space Saving: Yes
  • Model: PS6000
  • Dimensions: 51″ x 33″ x 46″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 400 lbs / 6.5′
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Price: $$

  • 3D Massage: No
  • Space Saving: Yes
  • Model: MK-V
  • Dimensions: 59″ x 32″ x 48″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 320 lbs / 6’5″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • Price: $

Best Massage Chair Under $3000 Reviews

Once you move up from the top-rated massage chairs under $2000, there are several features that enter the mix. The most deluxe feature to look for in this price range is the new 3D massage technology. With 3D massage, you get a lot more back coverage. 3D technology offers massage in three different directions with the back massage rollers, along with L-track technology. This allows the rollers to give you a true full-body massage that goes from your neck all the way down to below your seat. Plus, your back gets more coverage since the rollers move both vertically and horizontally. Lastly, you control the distance the rollers travel. This is especially useful for families and couples that differ in size and weight.

Other key features in this price range are customizable user settings, additional auto massage programs, stretching programs, space-saving technology, higher weight/height tolerances, and additional comfort touches. One feature I really like to see is the option to change the end position automatically. With the chairs in this guide, you may find that they work great as both a massage chair and a full-time recliner.

Now that you’ve considered several of the features that set the chairs in this price range apart from the lower levels, let’s explore the individual reviews to see what makes these five models so special.

#1) Osaki Titan Prime 3D

Of the five models in my top massage chairs under $3000, the Titan Prime 3D is one of two that offers 3D adjustable full-body massage technology. Of all the best massage chair brands, Osaki tends to pack the most premium features into its chairs for the lowest cost. Before we explore the features of the Prime 3D, I also want to point out that Osaki offers one of the most desirable massage chair warranties. Unlike competitors, Osaki covers parts & labor for a full 3 years. Several other companies that offer 3-year warranties only cover parts & labor in the first year, which I’ll go over in more detail in the later reviews.

What makes the Prime 3D my #1 pick? Aside from 3D massage, the Prime 3D also features L-track, zero gravity, included fitted pads to further adjust massage intensity, space-saving technology, 6 auto massage programs, an extendable footrest for taller folks, Bluetooth speakers, and a convenient side control panel. Another highlight I want to point out is the max massage time of 30 minutes per session. This is the longest I’ve seen in this price range. Always be careful to check this setting because some brands only offer up to a 15-minute massage.

One feature I really love is the calf rollers in addition to the foot rollers. Chairs typically feature air compression in the calf region. It’s nice to see that the Prime 3D features both air compression and rollers for the calves. Osaki space-saving tech is some of the best on the market as well. The Prime 3D can be placed just 5″ from a wall without contacting it in the reclining position. The final highlight I want to mention is the integrated Bluetooth speakers. If you’re a music lover like me, this is a wonderful feature to have onboard to push your favorite music through the chair during your massage.

  • An excellent massage chair for soothing tired muscles after a hard workout
  • The massage helps to reduce stiffness
  • Customizable program settings
  • The chair itself is gorgeous and fits in well with most home decor
  • The rollers, airbags, and heat all function flawlessly
  • More advanced than the Osaki OS-4000T
  • Lower max weight limit than other models
  • Fewer auto programs

#2) Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

Of the Kahuna Massage Chair models in this price range, the SM-7300 is the clear winner. The only feature that could really make this chair better for the price is 3D tech. However, for this chair, that drawback is minor because of the sheer awesomeness of the other features.

What I really like about the SM-7300 are several upgrades that give you full control over massage intensity. Back before Kahuna upgraded its chairs, there were a lot of complaints about the air compression in the calves being too strong. The latest SM-7300 model features 5 levels of air compression intensity instead of 3. That’s more than adequate for all users to find their preferred intensity level.

A couple of other new features are the updated remote control that’s more user-friendly and triple hip airbags. What I really love about this chair is the number of auto programs. The SM-7300 features a total of 9 programs with 4 special Kahuna programs specifically tailored for office workers, golfers, seniors, and athletes. That’s just cool and something you won’t find in most chairs. You’ll also love the number of different human-touch massage techniques this chair offers, including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking.

One area the SM-7300 beats the Prime 3D is in the space-saving category. The ameliorated forward sliding mechanism in the SM-7300 allows for the chair to be placed just 3″ from a wall. Tall users will also like that this chair is rated for users up to 6’5″ and 320 lbs. One final note to be aware of is the 2-year warranty offered by Kahuna that covers parts & labor. While this is better than what most other brands offer, it’s a full year shorter than the Osaki warranty.

  • 6 main massage rollers instead of the usual 4 offered by competing chairs
  • Approved by big & tall folks
  • The bliss provided by the combination of air compression, back rollers, and foot rollers is heavenly
  • The special auto programs for office workers, athletes, etc. are actually worth it
  • L-track is a necessary feature at this price point, and one of the best feelings a massage chair can deliver
  • Easy to assemble
  • How close the chair can be placed to a wall is truly amazing
  • Yoga stretching mode is just incredible
  • Has the most high-end features for a chair in this price range
  • The 5 air compression intensity levels make a world of difference
  • The massage at the top of the shoulders and neck could be better
  • Foot rollers may get noisier over time
  • No way to turn the side lights off during a massage
  • Not the best chair for short users

#3) Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800S

The second and final Kahuna Massage Chair in this guide is the LM-6800S. At the time of this writing, it costs a good bit less than the SM-7300, and it too packs some intriguing features. You may be wondering, what’s the difference between the LM-6800 and 6800S? Let’s start with a list of upgrades.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 vs LM-6800S

  • LM-6800S features 12 auto programs, LM-6800 has 6
  • Custom memory function with the LM-6800S
  • 5 speed & pressure levels vs 3 in the LM-6800
  • 4 stretching programs vs 1 in the LM-6800
  • New end position change option in the LM-6800S
  • Arm acupressure points, foot area zip coverings, and a foldable pillow all featured in the LM-6800S

Now that you know the difference between the LM-6800 and LM-6800S, let’s discuss several additional features that make the LM-6800 one of the best massage chairs under $3000. Compared to the SM-7300, the warranty period for the LM-6800S is longer at a full 3 years. You may also find that the adjustable shoulder height for air compression massage makes this chair better than the SM-7300 for shoulder massage therapy.

Another feature found in the LM-6800S and not in the SM-7300 is Bluetooth speakers for playing your own music. One key feature that the LM-6800S lacks compared to the more premium SM-7300 is 6 rollers instead of 4. Final LM-6800S features to be aware of are body scanning technology, space-saving, 3 zero gravity positions, dual foot rollers, heat therapy for the lower back & legs, and the coveted L-track.

Click Here to view the LM-6800S owner’s manual.

  • Massage pressure is more than ample throughout the body
  • The back massage is powerful and thorough
  • Well-built and quite sturdy
  • Comfortable to use as a full-time recliner
  • Recommended by a plantar fasciitis sufferer
  • The massage experience is incredibly relaxing, especially after a hard day’s work
  • The stretching programs help to relieve chronic back pain
  • An excellent lower back massage
  • The foot rollers could be better
  • No way to lock the footrest into place during massages
  • Short users may find that the body scan isn’t always accurate
  • No place to mount the remote in the armrest
  • The Bluetooth speaker quality may leave something to be desired

#4) Real Relax Massage Chair PS6000

Now it’s time to meet the Real Relax Platinum Series. The PS6000 is one of two chairs in this guide that features 3D massage technology. One of the features I like the most is the 50″ SL-track that covers the complete distance from head to thighs with the 3D robot-hand rollers. This experience in itself makes the PS6000 well worth the money, especially when compared to buying a steady stream of professional massages.

One futuristic feature that really sets this chair apart from the others is the integrated smart Android pad. It’s like having an Android tablet built into the chair, except this pad gives you full control over the chair’s functions. Additionally, the tablet allows for audio and video playback. There’s even the option to download apps from the Google Play store. This is one feature that ensures the PS6000 will be up to date for years to come.

The special armrest-linkage system ensures that your arms stay seated in the arm massagers when the chair eases back into the zero-gravity position. In total, there are 8 auto programs and a massive 16 manual program slots. Large families and couples love the number of custom massages they can build to concentrate on specific areas of the body.

An automatic footrest extension is one of the best features available for tall users up to 6’6″. Unlike the Kahuna Massage Chair models, there’s no need to worry about the footrest sliding around during your massages. Amazingly enough, the PS6000 beats the other chairs in this guide with its space-saving tech that allows for the chair to be placed just 1.97″ from a wall. The biggest drawback to all Real Relax massage chairs is the warranty. It’s not as good as what Kahuna and Osaki offer.

  • An excellent massage chair for pain relief throughout the body
  • Perfect for couples who differ in size (approved by 6’4″ users with large builds)
  • The 3D rollers apply ample pressure for a true human-like massage
  • Good customer service marks
  • The range of settings makes this chair perfect for large families and people who often host guests
  • High praise for the auto stretching program
  • The immersive experience created by the Bluetooth speakers is a special one
  • Comparable to Human Touch and Cozzia chairs that cost more than double the price
  • The foot rollers are too powerful for some users
  • A couple of mild popping noise reports in the rollers
  • It may not go up the neck and back of the head as much as you’d like


The final chair in my Top 5 is the RELAXONCHAIR MK-V. The first feature that you’re going to love about this chair is the 6 main rollers. At the time of this writing, the MK-V costs roughly the same as the LM-6800S, yet it offers 2 additional rollers to match the more expensive SM-7300. The upgraded 2nd generation smart body scanning technology measures from the shoulders all the way down to the buttocks for a more accurate and reliable experience.

The 50″ L-track system matches the length of the SL-track in the PS6000 chair. Tall users will be happy to hear that this chair is made to accommodate folks up to 6’5″. In total, there are 9 auto programs with 4 special programs that include the popular yoga and stretch modes. There are a total of 38 internal airbags for a complete full-body massage experience, along with lumbar heat therapy for people who desire the ultimate lower back massage.

You have the option to customize your manual settings with massage speed & width control, 3 airbag intensities, 3 massage zones, and 2 foot roller speeds. One of the complaints I saw with other chairs was the lack of an option to choose massage zones, and the MK-V didn’t skip that one. The final feature I want to highlight is the triple action Shiatsu-style foot massage. For foot massage lovers, this is a key selling point that sets the MK-V apart from its competitors.

  • Adjustable, up to 30-minute massage sessions
  • Quite easy to assemble, just connect the footrest, and you’re ready to go
  • The optional back heat is perfect for enhancing the quality of lower back massages
  • One of the best foot massage experiences offered by a massage chair
  • The level of relaxation achieved through this chair makes it worth every penny
  • Well-built and quite comfortable
  • The footrest may ease back during massages for taller folks
  • Inadequate neck and leg massage reports
  • People with large builds may feel squished in the forearm and calf areas
  • Wider than other models

Bottom Line

Now you know what goes into making the best massage chair under $3000. Compared to chairs in lower price ranges, there are certainly some key features that make the chairs in this guide worth the extra coin. To summarize, I put together a list of features to consider when shopping for chairs in this price range:

  • L-track or SL-track
  • Space-Saving
  • Body Scanning
  • 3D Massage Technology
  • Higher max user weight and height limits
  • 6+ main rollers instead of the standard 4
  • Adjustable footrest
  • More auto programs
  • Yoga stretching mode
  • Massage intervals up to 30+ minutes
  • 2 or 3-year warranties on both parts & labor
  • More intensity settings

Be sure to pick the features in the list above that mean the most to you before choosing a new chair for your home. This way, you choose the right chair the first time. Which model is your dream massage chair?

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