Best Massage Chair Under $2000 • (Top 5 Available in 2024)

Last Updated Feb 16, 2024

By Ted

For those individuals with impeccable taste who go all-in, it’s imperative to go big or go home. In the massage chair realm, luxury features begin to flow in like fine wine beyond the $1000 mark. There’s no real need to spend $5K on a massage chair when mostly all of the same options are available for half the price. You are now entering my comprehensive guide to choosing the best massage chair under $2000.

In this illustrative guide, I share the top 5 models currently on the market, reviews of each chair, and the pros & cons according to current owner reports. By the end of this guide, you’ll have learned exactly what to look for when selecting a chair in this price range. You’ll also know exactly which chair is the perfect fit for your home.

Below, I start with a top 5 chart that lists the key specs to consider for each chair before we move on to the individual reviews.

Product Description
#1) Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800
  • #1 Best Massage Chair Under $2000
  • L-Track: Yes
  • Body Scanning: Yes
  • Model: LM6800
  • Dimensions: 48″ x 31″ x 46″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 240 Lbs / 6’2″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • Price: $$$
  • #1 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Under $2000
  • L-Track: Yes
  • Body Scanning: Yes
  • Model: MK-II PLUS
  • Dimensions: 65″ x 30″ x 40″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 280 Lbs / 6’2″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • Price: $$
#3) Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 05
  • L-Track: No (S-Track)
  • Body Scanning: No
  • Model: Favor 05
  • Dimensions: 48″ x 31″ x 46″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 400 Lbs / 6.1′
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Price: $
#4) Osaki Titan
  • Most Features for the Money
  • L-Track: Yes
  • Body Scanning: Yes
  • Model: APEX AP-POMP
  • Dimensions: 25″ x 31″ x 46″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 240 Lbs / 6′ 3″
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Price: $
#5) OOTORI 810L
  • L-Track: Yes
  • Body Scanning: Yes
  • Model: RL-810L
  • Dimensions: 54″ x 32.3″ x 51.2″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight/Height Limit: 330 Lbs / 74.8″
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited (must register online within 30 days)
  • Price: $$

Best Massage Chair Under $2000 Reviews

Once you graduate from the top massage chairs under $1000, there are some intriguing additional features that come into play. Several of those features are L-track massage, body scanning, adjustable shoulder width, and space-saving technology.

The L-track design is a really nice feature to have onboard that does away with the limited track offered in cheap massage chairs. With L-track, the massage rollers in the back of the chair roll from the neck all the way down to under the seat. This makes for an amazingly immersive full-body massage that does a better job of pampering your tired back muscles than a standard track.

The second feature I want to highlight is body scanning. This is a standard feature that should come in all the top massage chairs under $2000. The only chair in my Top 5 without body scanning is the Favor 05, and for that reason, it’s also the most affordable of the bunch.

The final feature I want to go over before jumping into the individual reviews is space-saving technology. What’s really nice about this feature is it slides the chair forward while rolling back into the coveted zero-gravity position. This allows you to place the chair closer to a wall without worrying about any contact between the wall and your chair. It also allows you to better align the massage chair with your existing furniture.

Now that you’re aware of some of the features that massage chairs in this price range offer, let’s take a closer look at the five chairs in this guide.

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

At the time of this writing, the Kahuna LM6800 is just a click below $2000, meaning it essentially costs $2000. It’s the most expensive chair of the five and also the most feature-rich. Make no mistake, this is one of the best massage chairs currently on the market for the money.

Before we look at the features, I want to note that this massage chair offers a true 3-year warranty on both parts & labor. Other top brands with a 3-year warranty only cover these expenses in the 1st year. Then, in years 2 and 3, the company will only cover the cost of shipping for replacement parts. With the LM6800, you get a premium warranty.

Key features offered by the LM6800 are L-track, 3 zero gravity positions, smart body scan technology, an exclusive yoga stretching program & 6 total preset auto programs, dual foot rollers, and space-saving technology. You’ll also be happy to know that this chair is FDA-registered as a medical device. The maximum 30-minute massage interval is something I really like to see. Inferior massage chairs sometimes only offer up to a 15-minute massage per session, which can certainly leave something to be desired.

The massage techniques featured in the chair include shiatsu, rolling, tapping, kneading, tapping/kneading, heating in the lower back & calve regions, and air compression throughout the entire chair. There are 3 speed levels and 3 air compression strengths to choose from to find your ideal settings.

One thing I really like about this chair is the incredibly efficient space-saving design that only requires 3″ behind the chair to enter zero gravity. Lastly, the Advanced Air Cell Massage Technology increases the efficiency of the internal airbags, which also leads to quieter operation. All in all, this is the best massage chair under $2000, though, it’s also the closest to being $2000 of the five models featured in this guide.

  • Recommended by users who suffer from chronic lower back pain
  • Very quiet operation that won’t disturb you or others around you during your massage sessions
  • The airbags provide more than ample pressure, nothing left to be desired
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Very sturdy construction that stands the test of time
  • The back coverage is awesome
  • The massage is so relaxing that it’s been known to put users to sleep
  • It’s like having a personal masseuse on call 24/7
  • The Yoga stretching program is the real deal and really sets this chair apart from its competitors
  • Air compression for some users is too powerful around the legs even on the lowest setting
  • The foot rollers may cause discomfort and require extra padding
  • No backlight on the remote
  • Shorters users 5’3″ or under may not get the full benefits of the body scan
  • Reported problems with the air lines disconnecting


Compared to the LM6800, the MK II Plus is a step down in price and comes with mostly the same premium features, including L-track and body scanning. The one key missing feature is no space-saving design with the MK II Plus, which means there’s a need for more clearance behind the chair.

The good news is RELAXONCHAIR noticed user complaints about the intense airbag pressure in the calf region. Most of the negative reviews for the LM6800 reference strong pressure in the calf region. The newly-upgraded MK II Plus offers lower intensity in the arm and calf regions for enhanced comfort.

One feature I really like about this chair is the stretching mode or “Spinal Decompression” program. The advanced airbag technology in the chair individually inflates the airbags to provide a real stretch similar to a professional human massage. You may also fall in love with the beauty hip massager function that aims to align the lower back and pelvis through air compression massage.

There are not one but two heating pads in the lower back to really enhance the soothing effect of each massage with heat. Another key convenience upgrade in the latest model is the one-hand operation remote control.

As for the warranty, RELAXONCHAIR covers parts only in the 1st year and structural framework of the chair for an additional 2 years. Compared to the Kahuna warranty, RELAXONCHAIR’s is not quite as good.

  • The remote is very easy to use, and you’ll probably like it more than the Kahuna LM6800 remote
  • The preset programs are excellent to have onboard
  • Positive reports after 2+ years of steady use (it stands the test of time)
  • The body scan technology works well for short users (better for short people than the LM6800)
  • An authentic deep tissue back massage experience
  • Very comfortable materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Massage quality is comparable to massage chairs that cost $1000s more
  • The deep shiatsu massage is heavenly
  • Users 6’2″ or taller may feel a bit cramped in the head/neck area
  • The chair may feel narrow to you
  • A handful of users found that the massage is not intense enough
  • Potentially noisier than you’d like
  • Remember, this chair does not feature space-saving technology

Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 05

Of the chairs in this guide, the Favor-05 is one of the least advanced, however, it still remains as one of the top massage chairs under $2000. One feature that really sets the Favor 05 apart from the LM6800 and MK II Plus massage chairs is the Bluetooth audio play & internal speakers. For music lovers like myself, this is a key feature that really enhances the overall massage experience. Simply connect to the chair via Bluetooth and push your favorite music through it using your phone or other Bluetooth devices.

The feature I really love about this chair is rocking mode. Imagine the comfort you’ll experience when you combine soft tunes with rocking mode and the rest of the massage functions. Another feature in this chair that you may like is seat vibration.

In total, there are 50 internal airbags that mainly target the arms, shoulders, hips, and feet. Instead of L-track, the Favor 05 features an S-track design with 3D Shiatsu massage. For shiatsu massage lovers, this is a tough combination to beat.

Additional highlights are 6 auto modes, optional back heating, foot rollers, an extendable footrest for tall users, 3 intensity levels, integrated transportation wheels, and the highest max user weight of 400 lbs.

The one drawback to this chair is the max 15-minute massage intervals, which may or may not be a dealbreaker for you. Finally, it’s important to know that years 2 & 3 of the warranty only cover the shipping cost of replacement parts.

  • Arrives completely assembled, ready to use right out of the box
  • An intuitive control panel
  • A full-body massage with Bluetooth audio and heat is pure bliss
  • The zero gravity positions deliver on their promise
  • Recommended for neck and shoulder pain relief
  • All the different settings allow you to fully customize your massage
  • The chair itself is very comfortable
  • The audio quality is good and the volume gets loud enough not to disappoint
  • Users with back pain are finding relief
  • The remote control cord could be longer
  • A need to turn the chair power off with the switch on the back between uses
  • Short, petite users may not experience the full benefits of the chair
  • Several complaints about customer service

Osaki Titan

Meet the Osaki Titan Apex AP-Pomp, one of the top massage chairs for the money currently available. For the price, the AP-Pomp packs in the most features of the five chairs in this guide. For a significantly lower cost than the Kahuna LM6800, the AP-Pomp features space-saving technology, L-track, zero gravity, automatic body scan, an extendable footrest, and heat therapy. The space-saving design is so efficient that the chair can be placed just 2″ from a wall.

In total, there are 4 auto-massage programs that offer a wide range of massage techniques, including kneading, knocking, kneading/knocking, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling. With this chair, anyone can find their perfect massage. In addition to those features, there are foot rollers that pamper the soles of the feet like an authentic human massage.

One feature I’m a fan of is the integrated side control panel built into the armrest in addition to the remote control. The side panel allows for quick in-massage adjustments or if you just want to adjust several of the main settings without reaching for the remote. Lastly, the warranty covers parts & labor in the first year, then parts only in years 2 & 3. This is comparable to the Kahuna warranty and better than what Real Relax offers.

  • The L-track design makes massages around the hip and seat region oh-so-nice
  • Incredible value for the money, especially when you compare the features to more expensive chairs
  • Minimal assembly to get it up and running
  • The back rollers are thorough and provide ample pressure
  • Provides a thorough calf, glute, and foot massage
  • Up to 30-minute massage intervals
  • The remote is intuitive and very easy to use
  • Recommended by users for relieving back and shoulder pain
  • On par with massage chairs that cost $3000
  • Reports about the chair beginning to make noises after months of use
  • A couple of durability issue reports
  • Massage power is too intense for some users (may require a blanket to dampen the massage)


The final chair is the luxurious OOTORI 810L that offers a friendly capsule design that hugs the body like a cloud. Of all the chair designs in my Top 5, the 810L is my favorite. Several of the standout features of this chair are the SL double track, yoga stretching mode, 3 zero gravity positions, space-saving technology, 3D robot massage hands, 6 preset massage modes, and last but certainly not least, adjustable shoulder width. For me, the adjustable shoulder width is a key selling point, especially for couples and families to ensure that everyone gets a quality shoulder massage.

Of the five chairs in this guide, the 810L is one of two that feature internal Bluetooth speakers. You’ll also be happy to hear that the chair arrives fully assembled. A couple of final highlights are the extendable footrest to accommodate taller users and the two heating pads in the back of the chair that target the lower back.

One drawback to consider – and the reason I didn’t rank this chair higher – is the mixed OOTORI reviews. I feel more confident buying from other companies such as Kahuna or Osaki since they have higher customer service marks and better warranties. Be sure to consider this point before choosing an OOTORI massage chair.

  • Recommended by users who suffer from chronic lower back pain
  • Awesome value for the money, packed with features at this price point
  • The level of padding is perfect
  • Zero gravity massage mode truly feels like floating on air
  • A good massage chair to come home to after a long day’s work
  • Offers true full-body coverage
  • The internal Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch
  • Helps to relieve muscle cramps, especially in the leg muscles
  • An excellent massage chair for couples
  • The back rollers may feel a bit hard at first
  • Several broken massage chair reports
  • The massage power is too intense according to some users
  • Probably not the best choice for larger indivduals

Bottom Line

Once you slip into the $1000 – 2000 price range, there are certain features that make chairs worth the extra cost. Of those features, L-track, space-saving, and body scanning are the ones to look for when choosing a chair. By this point, you’ve learned what the best massage chair for under $2000 offers and which model suits your home & needs.

Of the companies in this guide, I trust Kahuna, Osaki, and RELAXONCHAIR the most. Since a massage chair is an investment, it’s important to buy from a trustworthy company that stands behind its warranty.

However, while a long warranty is great, there’s always the factors of time to get parts/repairs, shipping costs, and other inconveniences. For this reason, it’s best to stick with chairs from the companies in this guide to give yourself the best chance of choosing one that stands the test of time without any problems.

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